Need for custom (Microsoft, Apple, Linux) desktop, (, Php) internet based, (Android, iOS) mobile Software solutions.


Development of hardware products that contain special sensors for data transfer over internet compatible gsm-wife-bluetooth of objects.


With experts consultant colleagues Information, Quality, Management, Presentation, Education Consulting services.

Hybrid Software Solutions

With Arge and Innovation we offer the Best.


  Our Mission is to find solutions on issues without solutions, Make better soulitions than the not enough existing solutions, Prepare corporate companies required R & D, We make tham R & D project in the Technopolis with supervision of a Turkey Universities leading Professor by the part of University Industry Cooperation. Instead of standard ready solutions to offer the best solutions of the company, We prepare software and hardware solutions for them that are exactly what they need.

 Our Vision is not to sell the existing technology, make better products and give shape to the future, As the solution partner of the companies that want the best, we are shaping the future with each passing day.