Desapark Software Informatics Consulting Industry and Trade Incorporated Company Founded by Ahmet Buharalioglu, at Turkey in izmir city's Depark Technopolis in 2016 for make T.C. Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology 044016 BSTB Coded and TeTa named R & D project.

TeTa ( Technologic Trace with warn signal ) R & D project is being developed for prepare a technologic solution on a major problem to violence and harassment of women also the project second goal solve who responsible for Alzheimer's patients, mentally disabled people, young children and need to track.

Within this project, hardware and software R & D activities are being carried out on Gps, Gsm and Bluetooth technologies and tracking systems in order to create the targeted technological emergency assistance system.

Except the Teta R & D project, we are carrying out more R & D activities in three different areas as (Healthcare sector: Patient follow-up), (Mobile: intelligent lock systems) and (Erp and Crm: Industry 4.0 compatible rfid product tracking and customer relationship system).

Which Experiences We Earn When We Make Our R & D Works

R & D works learned experiences about Hardware area; (Gps, Motion, Heat, Humidity, etc ...) data modules and (Gsm, Wi-fi, Bluetooth, Nfc, LoRaWAN, etc.) communication modules required circuit designs & structuring for systems compatible with the Internet of things also the devices connection protocol to software system.

R & D works learned experiences about Software area; Server data processing application and big data processing with Asp.net and Mssql, Data monitoring desktop application with C #, User system mobile application with Android and Ios, CRM customer portal product page preparation with Php and PostgreSQL.

What Are Your Benefit From Working With Us

While working with a ordinary software company, you can hear the answer that it is not possible your want and they can offer thamself ready-made product which is not completely your need. R & D company main goal is to do what is not invention yet. That reason bring together different technologies, research ways and offer your more than one solutions and report that which one is perfect for your.

If your need product relevant about our any R & D, We can specially designing and customizing your need producy with our experience advantage within a short time. Your can get best solution not an ordinary solition with time advantage.

If your need product necessary in different areas R & D, We make R & D project for you with supervision of a Turkey Universities leading Professor and prepare your product.

Good advantage by taking part in Dokuz Eylul University for us, We include postgraduate engineer students our projects and with this benefit we can give your best quality works with price advantage.

You can benefit from our consulting services too in line with your needs as well as our software services.

We believe that interdisciplinary working will develop the business and we provide you with the most efficient consulting service by including Industry engineering, Business specialist, Psychologist, etc ... to working team in line with your needs.

For better ...