ERP(Enterprise Resource Planning) software is enterprise software that is created by designing private database for hardware resources of the company and processing the data stored in this database by writing special functions to the operation of the company. For better compatibility, We recommend that companies make order their own special erp software instead of using ordinary erp software.

The software aim are industry 4.0 compatible production tracking with "Automation io, barcode, rfid, ...", inventory tracking, product cost tracking , maintenance tracking, order tracking, shipment tracking, staff tracking, ... and prepare compatible special modules which modules company require. The software provide company can access all the company activities monitoring, reporting, planning, organization with easily on one program. In this way, the organization structure of the companies is strengthened and more efficient planning and more profit are provided.

CRM(Customer Relationship Management) software is enterprise software that is prepared by preparing the database in accordance with the company's relations with the customers and processing the data in the database in accordance with the activities with the customers. For more effective relative with your customer and get full customer pleasure, We recommend that companies make order their own special crm software instead of using ordinary crm software.

The software aim are Saving customer records, customer order portals, customer purchasing tracking, automatic information mailing, sms sending to customers, purchase of customers (increase - decrease - debt - credit situation -profitability - satisfaction ) reporting, ... and prepare compatible special modules which modules company require.The software provide company can monitoring and planning of all customer relationship organizations on a single screen are done quickly and easily. In this way, firms' organization structure of customer relations is strengthened and more efficient workings and increase of customer satisfaction are ensured.


Mobile software solutions are software that is compatible with smartphone operating systems, especially famous Android and Apple iOS nowadays.

Mobile software are very popular. That some reason are many users today have smart phones and know how to use it, Some erp and crm project it can use as termina with this wahy reduce to hardware costs for companies, Mobile applications can easily access anywhere at any time. We can say that it is a good solution for projects that require mobile and the kind software will keep the populerite long time.


Web-based software solutions are prepare as web site format with Asp.net & Php. Web-base software benefits are users do not need to setup a program on computer or mobile phone for acces software, Provide the flexibility to access software on any device and anywhere, User do not setup a program that mean when software upreade user do not need to lost time for uprade program when software upgraded on server user acces the program last version. But some disadvantages include Web-based software solutions as this type software web format and served on internet and need more secure for protect also need more maintance, if server fall user can not access software, if software include big size files and have to serve them users make the program slower than other alternative.


Special project software solutions are specially designed for corporate company with the R & D works for the needs that corporate companies can not find solutions. We offer many solution proposals with preliminary analysis to the firm that want to get service about special project software and we give from firms choosen solution Software and Hardware creation and delivery service. Also if the firm have enough staff and just want to get consultancy service about Project requirement analysis, Project manager, Algorithm development we give special software project consultancy service too.


Hybrid software solutions are software solutions in which the best performance can be obtained for all platforms and usage scenarios by preparing the application as a desktop application, a mobile application, a web-based application using the same database. As an example of the advantages of using hybrid software solutions, the user can use the application from the computer at work while working with the desktop application faster and easier. With the advantage of same software mobile version, user can use the same application on own smartphone with the advantage of being mobile when user are not at work. If the user smart phone empty battery or device damaged, user can go to internet site with any device with internet access and continue the same operations on web based application. Another advantage is that different type software that processes the same data can be structured according to different needs and platforms, making user-friendly applications. For example, Erp and Crm software prepared for the corporate company, preparing the product stock tracking module as a desktop application and providing the employees access to the terminal at the workplace, preparing the customer relationship module on the same database and preparing the web based software, making it possible for the managers to follow up instantly such as preparing the reporting module as a mobile application for receiving automatic system alerts. That benefit terminal worker do not need to access product tracking when at home on mobile ( at work on company computer desktop software enought ) , Customer do not need to cominicate salesperson for order or get some info also can do that without cominicate salesperson when company work hours outside on web-base software ( web site ), Manager do not need to wach a desktop software all the time if any stuation happen mobile software can alert and give information to manager also it is easy way to access all the reports and information when not been at work too.


Website is the representative of the firms today and it leaves an impression unreliable on companies poor quality prepared web site by making non-qualified persons. In the same way, there is a negative opinion about trust for companies using free mail services such as gmail and hotmail, which still do not use their own web site extension email address. If your company have a website but it is old technology and not mobile compatible it is a big problem because visitor use mobile phones for visit site nowadays. Another issue is that although it looks very nice on the screen but the backplane web site code problems effect to increases the loading time of the web site main and other pages loading times also much times errror in the site because of the sloppy web sites. Many visitor do not wait much for web site page open if the time is much probably exit than your web site also if get much error from your web site page again exit will be result. If you are a corporate company and quality is important for you, We advise you to get a professional web design service.

Another important thing that as the quality of web design is SEO (Search Engine Optimization), the process of moving your website up in search engines like Google. Nowadays, most users are not going to write your full website address on the browser, User habit say us visitor write your company name on google for enter your website. This means that if your website is not in the top rankings on Google, then the visitor who wants to enter your website can enter by mistake another company website and your can lost your real and potencial custumer, also if visitor can not see your website on google, visitor have negative ideas like can not find the company even by Google also the lack of free promotional opportunities to potential customers not being able to find you when they search on Google. If company want them website get top rank on google or protect the current position on google than Seo service user competing companies website, We advise you to get a professional Seo service.


We undertake the project and do internet of things compatible hardware R & D activities for corporate companies who have unsolvable problem and want R&D about that. When we prepare your company R&D project if necessary we work together Turkey's leading faculty professor who expert in the R&D field and give consultancy within the scope of University Industry Cooperation. Your can order for your special R&D project Project Consultancy, Prototype creation, Hardware product production, Upgrade existing hardware, ... any of your need services.


We provide hardware system installation, hardware renewal, data backup and restoration, hardware investment consultancy, annual technical support and maintenance services within the scope of solution partnership with corporate companies.


We give the required services, chosen technology (Rfid, io, ...) monitoring hardware modules development, setup, configuration and integration into the software system for manufacturing companies.


A firm's workforce determines the human power, hardware resources and other resources that it has in its possession. Firm's business process in order to work flawlessly, these resources need to work in harmonious such as clock gears. Process analysis enters into this point with analyzes and reports the whole operation of the company as an outside observer. These reports provide the opportunity for the manager to see how is the situations abour firm's process, is the desired efficiency in the workforce or did not be achieved and to make the company more profitable by making the workforce more efficient. If the firm does not want the anaylize and report just for a single inefficient department, consultancy will be more effective. Process consultancy is aiming to find undefined problems in the company process steps, give to different strategies about company organization and providing information about how to realize, which change in organization how effect the levels of profit ratio that, how can grow up the profit ratio, how can grow up the company. You can benefit for your company's special 1-week preliminary analysis, 1-3-month comprehensive analysis or one-year follow-up analysis services.


You can order a software solutions from our company but if your companies already have a solution partner or a IT department if you prefer you can get software consultancy from us too. You can take advantage of our consultancy services as The software used by the companies was made with company activities full compatibility analysis, Comprehensive analysis of required software and modules, reporting for the development of the system used, database design, preparing workflow charts, project executive consultancy services.


Companies can get consultancy services from us for issues they need their carried out own organizations R&D projects. You can get consultancy services on the subjects; Analysis, projecting, to find or train qualified personnel, Supply the R&D project field expert academicians consulting, out source service research, project management.


We prepared seminars & daily workshops programs, short and long term on-site training & online training course programs for In today's and tomorrow's technologies, robotics, web design, mobile programming after requested from education institutions and our private sector partnerships. If your need any of our education consultancy your can benefit from our services.


Consumers' tendency to purchase products and services is based on brands they know and trust. This makes the branding processes of the companies compulsory under the PR works. Another issue that is as important as the awareness of companies is the awareness of the company's products and services. Quality of the product and service not enough by without PR works. You can use our services; Company brand value increasing strategy development, Product and service promotion, Marketing strategy build-up, Product and Service consumer survey and research, Product and Service online advertising, Product and service regional, national and international visual and written media advertising activities, The company - product -service introduction promotion slogans, viral social media advertising video preparation, Online-leaflet-billboard advertising designs, Promotion strategy development, Pricing and profitability strategy development Within the scope of marketing consultancy.